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How new story works

100 Homes in 100 Days

We’re on a mission to destroy the tent slum of Leveque, Haiti and fund 100 homes in 100 days. Change the life of an entire family today!

100 life-saving homes in 91 days
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New Story Works

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It’s hell in this tent...

  • Exposed to dangers like sex trafficking, violence, theft, and rape
  • Life-threatening diseases and blinding heat
  • Loss of education and income 

But a safe, $6,000 home is the simple solution that...

Saves lives and
changes everything

It means most important life needs are now met

Health and Safety

In their tents, families have no access to basic sanitation, exposing them to life-threatening health risks. Poor sanitation and hygiene have serious repercussions beyond public health – like loss of productivity and decreased school performance.



Home stability creates a foundation for children to excel in their studies. When children are free from dangers like sanitation born disease, attendance and performance increases – improving their life trajectory.


Improved access to education 

New income opportunities

Income Opportunities

This is Melicia. Before moving into a home she was unable to maintain an inventory large enough to earn a living wage. Her tent offered minimal protection from the elements – ruining her inventory with every strong rain. 

Her business is now growing.


And a big economic boost to the community

New Homes = New Jobs

An investment in a home is also an investment in the local economy.

Local labor is contracted to build all New Story homes. They are trained to do this work and their new skillset will open doors for future employment.


This is a new story. Join us.

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The Problem

Families are homeless due to unexpected disasters. With every passing day, they live in tents or the streets, exposed to life-threatening dangers.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Donors meet these families and directly fund new homes – costing just $6,000 to build. This is more than a home, it’s a new story of safety, hope and opportunity.

Meet a family

After construction, see the exact family you helped fund in their new house!

video of our first family

100% of all donations
go directly to building new homes.